YoyoBoard “Demonic”

The first Yoyo from YoyoBoard


Available on 08.11.2013 at www.v-goodies.de


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Why would anyone want to display yoyos on their wall? Well, I got this idea when I was really into yoyos, and I realized I’d already spent serious money collecting them. I really liked looking at my yoyo collection, but I couldn’t find any cool display cases. And, I wanted a case that would let me quickly grab a yoyo. Call me crazy, but I enjoy these boards. They look like a picture hanging on the wall. And I can grab any yoyo when I get that itchy yoyo finger. With a Yoyoboard, I no longer have to look FOR my yoyos – because I’m looking right AT them! You could call it two kinds of instant gratification. Maybe I should see a doctor?

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